The battle of the bottle concludes 

So the battle between Milly and the bottle continued (see part one here). We really tested the limits of bottle technology with our littlest daughter. But finally the challenge is over.

Milly won.

Bottles nowadays come with massive (and undeniably very attractive) promises about the life-altering benefits of their specific plastic milk vessel. These your-baby-will-love-it guarantees are presented in the form of overly complicated explanations of the ‘technology’ that make their bottles ‘unique’ and a feeding ‘system’ worthy of a somewhat inflated price.

Anti-colic, reflux friendly or just plain old closer to breast, every brand does it best. They have buttons, flow systems and break into so many pieces they are credible entries for a Krypton Factor challenge, all in an attempt to bamboozle poor babies into thinking the bottle is a seamless substitute for mummy’s boob. Milly was never fooled.

Instead after extensive testing and at least £50 wasted on a variety of teat-topped pieces of plastic (and the last thing we need is more plastic to fill our kitchen cupboards) our little girl has decided her preferred drinking vessel for the white stuff is the humble Tommee Tippee sippy cup. Yes, the one you can pick up in Asda for a £1.

I’m not kidding.

My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows

5 responses to “The battle of the bottle concludes 

  1. Ha! The little stinker. I was about to sing the praises of the (outrageously expensive) Medela Calma teat, but then I saw it amongst the runners up in the background there – oh no! It’s the only one Baby Girl will use at daycare, but I keep having to replace them because the little rat apparently finds it relaxing to gnaw on the ergonomic, breast-replicating teat, shredding it a little at a time. She’s attempted this move on my actual, live nipple – but only once. My ear-splitting shriek mustn’t have added to her relaxation. OUCH!!!

    • Ouch indeed. I’ve had that moment too, not good. Yes, the Medela Calma was tested by Milly. She did actually give that particular bottle a fair chance (not all brands warranted this) but it was in the end rejected.

  2. Haha, little booger. It’s the same with toys. We’ve got some nice, branded, expensive toys cluttering up out livingroom but what’s our tot’s favorite thing to play with right now? My old toothbrush. He carries it around like a teddy. What is that??

    Thanks so much for linking up to #fartglitter xx

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