Indulging my whimsical side

Around the time I turned 30 I set out on a sub-conscious mission to tick off a whole series of frivolous life goals. I’m not talking about serious destiny-shaping ambitions, they were far more whimsical than that. These were things I wanted to do just for the hell of it. Journeys (both in the jump on a plane sense and more metaphorical) that were best had before I set out on the life-changing adventure of becoming a mummy.

Back in 2010, I’d just made the leap into self-employment. Finally, after years of floundering and jumping from job to job in search of professional fulfilment, I was finding my feet career-wise and this gave me the confidence to pursue a whole range of other personal goals. I ran a half marathon, went to Glastonbury, hiked up Kilimanjaro, swanned around New York, learnt to street dance (badly) and generally had a fantastic time. Like I say, I indulged the whimsical side of my personality.

And I feel the time is coming to do this again.

After making the leap into parenthood back in 2012 and now two children in, I feel I’ve found my mummy feet. I can feel my confidence rising and as a result the whimsical urges are rising within me again. It may just be time to set them free. They’ll probably be no mountains or drunken festivals this time around though (not just yet anyway!) so for today, in honour of #ThrowbackThursday and my first post as part of the #coolmumclub I’ll enjoy looking back…




Run Jump Scrap!

7 responses to “Indulging my whimsical side

  1. Wow you done some things in your life. sometime I wish I spent my early 20’s differently but if I did would I be married to my husband and have my son. some beautiful photos.

  2. Hi Laura,

    When I first came across your blog,I saw a lot of myself?! Your picture of you and the family at Twickenham? (I was there 3 weeks ago), I have also been to mount kilamanjaro (although didn’t climb it), I was at Glastonbury 2010, I had my first baby in 2012 and now have my second (she’ll be one next month). I haven’t run any marathons but it has always been an aspiration.

    Look forward to keeping up with your blog! x MMT Thanks so much for joining in with #coolmumclub

  3. Woah, you just upped the ante for the #coolmumsclub. Feeling the need to run out and conquer an iron man challenge or something. Well done you, brave woman!

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