Sleep deprived you say? Let me wave my magic {mascara} wand. 

I haven’t written much about sleep on here. Considering, “how does little one sleep?” is pretty much the first question people ask you when you have a baby, it’s a big topic to gloss over. Especially as your response to this enquiry appears to provide third parties with an age old (yet annoyingly inaccurate) measure by which they (unfairly) gauge whether you have a ‘good’ baby or not (don’t get me started on that one). 

The thing is after the initial weeks when she resolutely shunned the Moses basket as a sleep vessel (remember this?) Milly turned into a surprisingly good sleeper. Particularly surprising to us as her older sister failed to hit the hallelujah raising milestone of sleeping through the night until she was around 18 months. Yes, up until her half year mark Milly was waking just once a night for a feed and resettling like a dream. She sometimes even slept through. It was blissful. I couldn’t believe our good fortune. But who wants to read about me smugly going on about that? Especially if you’re sleep deprived and battling with a nocturnal baby yourself. Also I had no tips on how this miracle was achieved. It was all down to luck I’m afraid to say. But that luck has run out. Milly has forgotten how to sleep. Sigh. 

Obviously I’m putting this sleep regression down to teething (the reflex explanation for any baby related troubles) or a succession of those fashionable things called ‘wonder weeks’. So, for now, I’m hoping the appearance of another pearly white or her astonishing us with some impressive additions to her extensive vocabulary of babble will mark the end of the dismal sleep cycle of the last month or so. 

In the meantime I’m reaching a little more heavily for my make up bag to disguise some of the ill effects of the consistently sleepless nights. And my saviour is not Touché Éclat or any miracle under eye treatments. No, non, nein. It’s mascara. 

Luckily, after a long and rocky quest, I’ve finally discovered the perfect mascara to lift my eyes and give the illusion of being bright eyed  and bushy tailed (no easy feat believe me). So for the fellow sleep deprived mums of gloriously ‘good’ but nocturnal babies, I introduce Benefit Roller Lash – it literally is a magic wand!

I’ve mentioned before how I’ve struggled to find my perfect mascara. I put it down to me being unreasonably demanding. I want length and curl. Impact but natural finish rather than the fashionable yet fake false lash look. Absolutely no clumping (my tear ducts are magnets for mascara gloop). And the ability to transform my tired peepers into something vaguely resembling wide-eyed.

I’m not entirely convinced by the ‘no eyelash curler required’ claim Benefit make about this product (it definitely supports a curl and doesn’t weigh down lashes but I’m still very attached to my Shu Uemuras). But otherwise Benefit have hit the mark with their latest creation. I love it. And until I get more sleep you are unlikely to see me venturing anywhere without it. 


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