An alternative children’s playlist. Part 1


There are only so many times you can flounce around your living room to Let it Go with anything resembling enthusiasm. (Unless you’re two and a half and hell bent on being the next Princess Elsa of Arendelle of course). And has anyone else found the Wheels on the Bus has the hypnotic capability to make you feel like you’re losing you mind when played on repeat? 

One of the unexpected side effects of having children is an omnipresent annoying ear worm. But this is not a reason to mute the melodies and we definitely don’t want to discourage our two little divas from dancing. Quite the opposite. In fact, having a good old boogie is a normal way for us to kick off our bedtime routine. Walk past our house at around 6:30pm and you will likely spot the four of us pulling out all our funky moves in the front room. Not cool.

With dancing firmly set on the daily family agenda, to save our sanity, Mr J and I are trying to broaden our daughters’ musical tastes by creating an alternative (completely Disney and nursery rhyme-free) playlist. 

Luckily, to help this process along, we have Mr J in charge with his incredibly broad taste in music. It’s one of the many things I love about him. In fact the afternoon he serenaded 18 year old me on his dad’s piano with a unique rendition of The Grassman (a lesser known ditty by the Britpop band Dodgy) was probably the moment I knew he was ‘the one’. So when it comes to giving our babies a solid (yet undeniably alternative) musical education he really is the master. 

We’ve been experimenting with many genres and dealing with some disappointing failures along the way (Poppy can be a tough audience to please). But here are the first tracks that have cut the mustard and got toddler, baby and parent approval for our playlist. 

1. Yellow Submarine – The Beatles

2. Our House – Madness

3. Brand New Day – Kodaline

4. Constellations – Darwin Deez

5. Walk Like a Panther – The All Seeing I 

6. Bring Me Sunshine – Morecambe & Wise 

7. Rather Be – Clean bandit

8. Happy – Pharrell Williams

9. Shut up and dance – Walk the Moon

10. In the Jungle the Mighty Jungle – The Tokens

11. Star Girl – McFly

Here’s our Deezer playlist, currently providing just over half an hour of alternative child-friendly musical entertainment. Can you help us expand this to an hour? What tracks would you add? Suggestions in the comments below or on my Facebook page please. Only two rules – no nursery rhymes and no Disney. Oh, and probably nothing that would have an old school parental advisory sticker plastered on it. We’re not that liberally minded. 


2 responses to “An alternative children’s playlist. Part 1

  1. We have been intermittently attempting something similar – my daughter is not shy about announcing she hates something! Happy makes the cut and Fun Fun Fun (from Despicable Me2) plus Crocodile Rock (Elton John – I didn’t promise cool) and Chicken Payback by The Bees!

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