My #hotmummy manifesto 


I hate gender stereotypes and I want my girls to grow up not feeling constrained by them in any way whatsoever. But as a more than moderately girly girl at heart myself, it was always inevitable that some of my more typically pink preferences were going to shine through in my daughters at some point. 

We’ve never pushed pink on Poppy or scoffed when she picked up a car to play with rather than a dolly. At Halloween last year, she chose to dress up as Spiderman rather than a witch and her second birthday party was Toy Story themed rather than princesses and fairies. 

But things have started to change. 

My little girl who had previously shunned anything remotely frilly in favour of jeans now insists on wearing pretty dresses even when we’re going to the park. She sits alongside me as I do my make-up and asks me to run my straighteners through her hair before asking, “do it like Elsa’s mummy”. She’s only two and a half. 

Her identity is developing. As is an awareness of her appearance. And I’m very aware of this. I want her to grow up feeling confident and self assured. I definitely don’t want her to be plagued with body issues and insecurities (I’ve read far too many terrible tales about how younger generations of girls are haunted by these traits). And where is she going to learn this? From me. 

Yes, as she picks up my make-up brushes and mimmicks me in front of the mirror, I’m constantly reminded how my behaviour influences my daughters’. If I obsess about my flaws, worry about a bit of wobble here and there, so will they. I don’t want that. 

I want to be a hot mummy. A self-assured female who is 100 per cent happy in her own skin. Someone who smiles brightly rather than squirms when in the line of a camera lens. I want my daughters to see me walk tall into a room. I don’t want them to see me scrutinising my complexion for lines. Or self consciously pulling in my tummy as I catch my reflection in a shop window. 

The problem is although I definitely don’t hate the way I look, I have plenty of insecurities. And I’ve just got to get better at managing them. My #hotmummy manifesto is about doing just this. It’s about the little things I’m doing to make myself feel more confident. Healthier. Stronger. More content in myself. And most importantly the role model I want to be for my girls. There will be beauty breakthroughs, fitness challenges, fashion finds and healthy lifestyle choices. And I’ll be sharing this journey right here with regular #hotmummy posts on these subjects. Starting next week…


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