Perks of parenthood

How often do you look at a baby or toddler and think, it must be great being you? Play, eat, poop, sleep. The cycle of early life certainly doesn’t seem stressful. But it’s not the ease of baby life that I long for the most. When I’m watching Baby J go about her daily business it’s her, “I’m going to do this certain thing just because it’s the specific thing I really want to do above all other things at this very moment and I don’t care one little bit about the inappropriateness of my behaviour” attitude that I envy the most.

The great thing is, being a parent gives you newly found freedom to indulge this side of your own nature a little too. Social convention, adult expectations and embarrassment just don’t exist when you’re in the company of a giggling baby or toddler. The sillier you are in their company, the more they love you. Even better, any observing adults are likely to see your giggle-inducing stupidity as a sign of the fabulous rapport you have with your offspring. Having a baby may be the most grown up thing I’ve ever done but I’ve also never felt so childish!

Mr J and I have embraced our inner children since Baby J took over our world. We spend copious amounts of time seeing who can go the highest on the swings, have slid around with no sign of dignity on massive inflatables in swimming pools and fight over who gets to go down the slide at the playbarn with Baby J next. We’ve kicked through the leaves in autumn and had sandcastle building competitions on the beach in the summer. We make up songs and sing them in over-animated voices in public, giggle a little too much at poo jokes and join Baby J in waving randomly at strangers just to make them smile. And you know what, we never give a second thought to what other people think. That’s the great thing about parenthood – you stop caring about looking cool and sophisticated because all you care about is making the new little person in your life smile.

Childish behaviour this week has included…

Splashing a little too deep in the sea and getting completely soaked (and not caring that it’s mid-December, we have no change of socks and the tide has taken the pushchair).

Before it all got very soggy...

Before it all got very soggy..

Fun on the beach

Fun on the beach

Uh-oh. This is what happens when you have too much fun splashing in the sea!

Uh-oh. This is what happens when you have too much fun splashing in the sea!


The commencement of Mega Bloks wars. Mr J’s Very Hungry Caterpillar vs my Choo Choo the Train. I win, don’t you think?

Mega Bloks wars: Caterpillar vs Choo Choo the Train

Mega Bloks wars: Caterpillar vs Choo Choo the Train



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