I’ve lost it

Yes, that’s right, I’ve lost it. Thankfully I’m not talking about my sanity. That is just about intact (I think?!?). It’s my sense of style that’s gone AWOL since having Baby J.

Pre-pregnancy I’d always been a confident dresser, rarely lingering over purchases because I had my style nailed. I wasn’t scared to make bold fashion choices back then because somehow I knew it would be OK. I could rely on an outfit just feeling right. I even navigated the tricky maternity phase with assurance (after a few false starts admittedly). But my finely tuned fashion gut instinct seemed to go awry as soon as I left the labour ward, with items fit for a try-too-hard fashionista and a bland Sloane Ranger now hanging uncomfortably side-by-side in my bulging yet uninspiring wardrobe. Neither image feels like it’s really me.

As a result, I turn up at baby classes looking like I’m auditioning for a wannabe extra role Made In Chelsea and my date night attire looks all a bit too Boden-esque. At first I put it down to my confused post-pregnancy body image – the busty breastfeeding phase followed by the tricky still not quite there with the weight loss months. But I’ve been lucky to be back to my size eight self for nearly six months now, yet I’m still floundering.

So I’m taking action. And it’s drastic. I’m freezing my shopping activity. Yes, the great shopper is finally zipping up her purse (hopefully I won’t plunge every retailer on the high street into administration in the process). I’ve tried to shop my way through this crisis and I failed dismally. So my only conclusion is the shops and I need a break from each other. A little time apart for some quiet contemplation and reality checking. It’s going to be tough, but it’s the only way for me and my wardrobe to build a new, more stylish relationship.


To guide me through this period of abstinence, I’ve stocked up on fashion mags and am on a mission to find my mummy style. Wish me luck and if you see me with a credit card and dodgy outfit choice at a till point you have permission to perform a citizen’s arrest (or call Mr J – he’s very behind this whole no shopping pledge naturally!)


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