I love autumn

I’ve always had a soft spot for this time of year. There’s something about the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot, squirrels scurrying around proudly carrying their acorn loot and the inviting golden hues that make me feel all warm and fuzzy. The fact that Mr J and I got married in October, the lovely Baby J arrived in November and my beautiful goddaughter is actually called Autumn just make this wonderful season even more special.

Need convincing? Did I not win you over with talk of pesky leaves to sweep up and fluffy tailed rodent? Bah humbug (or whatever the autumn equivalent is). Don’t worry, I’ve got a whole list to go through…

–       Hats. Summer hats pass me by. I’m just not into baseball caps and head attire made out of straw – so wrong. But as soon as there is a nip in the air, my hat collection comes out with a vengeance. Woolly hats with unnecessarily large bobbles, tweed trilbies that make me feel oh-so-country and felt cloche styles that make even the blandest of outfits look fabulous. I only have to spot a leaf falling from a tree and I’m twitching to get a hat on.

–       No hayfever. Don’t get me wrong, spring and summer are great too but the inconvenience of sniffling my way through the pollen season cannot be overlooked.

–       Rosy cheeks. And not the slightly scorched variety of summer. There’s nothing like a walk out on a crisp autumnal day to give your cheeks a healthy tint.

–       Hot chocolate. The perfect treat after said walk or feeding the ducks in the park. Yum. A cup of tea at any time of year is good, essential even. Coffee has a place at the end of any meal and most mid-mornings (what mum doesn’t crave a caffeine hit by 11?)  But hot chocolate is indulgent. It’s the drink of autumn. (Just to clarify hot chocolate is knocked off the top spot by mulled wine come winter).

–       One pot meals. Just throw all the ingredients in, give it a stir, say a little cooking prayer (I need all the help I can get), leave it, enjoy a steaming bowl of warming food and have only minimal tidying up to do at the end. Mealtime perfection.

Luckily, Baby J seems to share my love of this season. While I was waiting for my little lady to make her appearance at this point last year, I frequently found myself daydreaming about what life would be like one year on. I had this romantic image of taking my little baby to the park. We’d both be wearing hats (naturally), probably donning wellies and running through leaves together, throwing stale bread to the ducks and cuddling up in the warm afterwards. I feel incredibly lucky that this is now happening.

This year, I love autumn even more than ever.



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